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Olive Oil Body Butter

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Many people like to buy products to pamper their skin and there are a variety of products on the market for this purpose. These can use different ingredients which are considered to be beneficial for the skin and one of these is olive oil. This can provide a number of benefits and olive oil body butter is a common way in which it can be applied to the skin.

Olive oil body butter is typically a thicker cream which is produced using a variety of ingredients, of which olive oil is one of the main components. As a thicker cream it is aimed more for use on body, arms and legs, although in some cases products are manufactured for use on the face as well. Generally the packaging should provide details of the appropriate use of the product and this should be read before use.

Typically olive oil body butter is aimed at those that have normal to dry skin. It is a product that can be used to moisturize and help improve the look and feel of dry, dehydrated skin. It can generally be used as often as needed and the olive oil used in its production has a number of benefits.

Olive oil is easily absorbed into the skin and, as well as moisturizing, regular use can help to improve the elasticity and suppleness of skin. While being easily absorbed, olive oil typically does not clog the pores and this means it does not leave the skin feeling too oily. Olive oil also has natural antioxidants and these can help in the fight against free radicals which typically cause the skin to age in appearance.

There are a number of manufacturers that produce olive oil body butter, with the Body Shop being one of these. Their Olive Body Butter uses organic Italian olive oil and cocoa butter and is designed to continually moisturize the skin for a period of up to 24 hours following application. It is available in a 6.9oz tub with the cost for this being $10.

Esean Spa is another company that produces olive oil body butter and they have unscented and scented options available. The unscented body butter is ideal for sensitive skin and for those that prefer a scented option the body butter is made with perfumed oils such as lavender, ylang ylang, ginger and clove. The unscented olive oil butter is available for $9.50 for a 4oz tub, with the scented options costing $10 for a 4oz tub.

Other options available for those that want to use body butter with olive oil in their beauty regime include Delon Intense Moisturizing Olive Body Butter which cost around $7 for a 6.9oz tub and Commonwealth Soap and Toiletries Olive Oil Butter which is more expensive, costing around $25 for an 8oz tub.

If you suffer from dry skin and are looking for a way to improve this, then olive oil body butter is a product to consider. Olive oil provides a number of skincare benefits and included in body butter can help moisturize the skin to make it look healthier and feel softer.