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Lemon Soap

A look at the many soap dispensers, hand soaps, and other antibacterial mechanisms.

Most people will have their own favorite type of soap that they use for cleansing and there is a wide variety from which to choose. Most types of soaps are produced with ingredients that give them particular benefits and this can include better cleansing, moisturizing properties or exfoliating qualities. If you are looking for good cleansing properties then lemon soap is an option to consider.

Lemon soap is typically produced from soap material that has been infused with extracts from lemon. This can be as simple as including a lemon scent which produces soap with a crisp, clean smell and many people enjoy this. However, lemon oil from the zest of the fruit can also be included and this can provide a few benefits.

Lemon oil is used in many cleaning products and this is because it has natural disinfection and cleansing qualities, as well as an attractive scent. When used in producing lemon soap these qualities are effective at cleaning and disinfecting the skin. As lemon has astringent and antiseptic qualities, soap produced with extracts from it can be effective for oily skin. However it can easily be used for all skin types. Lemon oil soap also leaves your skin smelling fresh and for the benefits it provides many people enjoy using it.

There are a few companies that produce lemon soap and it is not overly difficult to source. A trip to your local drug store or the personal grooming aisle of a grocery store should provide a few options for soaps that are produced with lemon extract. An example is the Madina Antibacterial Soap with Lemon and Vitamin E. This costs around $10 for six 3.5oz bars of soap. This soap is effective at cleansing the skin and the antibacterial qualities it has means that it can help to prevent the spread of bacteria or germs around the home or office.

Lemon soap is also available in liquid form with an example of this being the Organic Lemon and Ginger Liquid Soap produced by Kiss My Face. This is available in 8.75oz pumps with a pack of three costing around $22 to purchase. The specialized aerating pump dispenses the soap as foam and this is an effective way to clean hands, face and body. When the pump empties it is also possible to get refill bottles with these typically costing around $27 for a pack of three 17.5oz bottles.

Other companies that produce soap infused with lemon extract include Avalon, Mrs. Meyers Clean Day, Hugo Naturals and Casswell-Massey. These soaps are typically available in either a bar or liquid form and the cost for them can vary between around $5 and $25 depending on the type and size of the product.

For its cleansing properties and pleasant fresh smell, lemon soap can be a good choice for the bathroom or kitchen of your property. With many manufacturers producing it, there are a variety of options to choose from such that most people should find a style that they are comfortable using and that suits their skin.