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Instant Hand Sanitizer

A look at the many soap dispensers, hand soaps, and other antibacterial mechanisms.

Keeping your hands clean can be important for your own health as well as stopping the spread of germs and bacteria around the home and office. While soap is a common way of doing this, it needs water to be used and so is typically found in rooms where there is a water supply such as bathrooms and kitchens. However there are other products that can be used to cleanse hands in combination with soap or as an alternative to it and instant hand sanitizer is one of these.

Instant hand sanitizer is generally a liquid, gel or foam which is alcohol based and has been shown to be effective at removing germs and bacteria from hands when used to clean them. Unlike soap it does not need to be used with water and can be taken directly onto the hands to clean them. While it is useful in bathrooms or kitchens, the fact that it does not need water means it can basically be used in any room required. It can also be kept on locations such as desks to clean hands whenever needed. This is an advantage of using hand sanitizer in comparison to soap. It also tends to dry out the skin less which can be another benefit of using it.

Generally an instant hand sanitizer comes supplied in a dispenser and there are two common types of these. A manual dispenser is one where a nozzle is pressed down to release an amount of sanitizer into the hands. The other type is an automatic dispenser and this has a sensor installed which releases a set amount of sanitizer when it detects the movement of hands below the nozzle.

It is also possible to get instant hand sanitizer as wipes where a small napkin comes infused with the sanitizer. Many of these products come individually wrapped in foil to keep them fresh and are simply used by tearing opening the foil packaging and using them to wipe your hands.

Instant hand sanitizer is produced by a number of companies and is a widely available product on the market.  One of the well known manufacturers is Purell and they have a range of hand sanitizer products for sale. Their Hand Sanitizer Premium Wipes are an example of this with a pack of 240 costing around $35 to purchase. These can easily be placed in any room of the home and are also small enough to be carried in a bag. The wipes are effective at cleaning, sanitizing and moisturizing and are considered to be gentle on the hands so should not dry out the skin. Purell also manufacture hand sanitizer in dispensers and they have a wide range of products to choose from.

Other companies that produce hand sanitizer for instant use include Clorox, Cleanwell and Handclens. Their products typically come in dispensers and spray bottles and cost in the range of around $5 to $40. Hand sanitizer products can typically be found for sale in drug stores, although are also available at most grocery and discount stores.

Keeping your hands clean is common sense to help protect your own health as well as reduce the chances of bacteria and germs being spread around. There are many instant hand sanitizer products available and they are convenient and effective, making them a good choice for keeping your hands clean and hygienic.