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Hand Cleaner

A look at the many soap dispensers, hand soaps, and other antibacterial mechanisms.

There are many germs, bacteria and diseases that are easily passed around by touch and hands are the most common way this will be done. Many occupations and hobbies can result in dirty hands and kids playing outside can easily dirty their hands. Hand cleaner products are therefore commonly required in most homes, offices and other buildings and there are many options to choose from.

The simplest hand cleaner product is soap and this is widely available in drugstores and grocery stores. Most people will typically have soap in the bathroom and kitchens of their home and there are many different varieties and brand names from which to choose. Generally soap comes in bar or liquid form and it is really down to personal preference as to which of these you use. Bar soap can be more affordable although liquid soap is generally considered more convenient and hygienic to use. Both bar and liquid soap can be produced in a variety of forms and this can include antibacterial, fragrant and moisturizing soaps to name a few. It is generally inexpensive to purchase with most soap being priced at less than $5. Some of the well known brand names include Palmolive, Dove and Softsoap to name a few.

A hand cleaner product that can be use as a supplement or alternative to soap is hand sanitizer. This is usually supplied in a dispenser and, while soap has to be used in combination with water, hand sanitizer products can be used on their own. Hand sanitizers are generally alcohol based solutions and these can be more effective at killing germs and bacteria than soap. Depending on the type of dispenser used, hand sanitizers come in foam, liquid or gel preparations. Some of the well known brand names include Purell, Clorox and Handclens. The cost for these will typically depend on the brand name and the type of dispenser used, with prices generally falling in a range from around $15 to $40.

If you work in an occupation such as construction or in a garage or alternatively have a hobby which results in your hands becoming extremely dirty then basic soap or sanitizer may not be enough to get your hands clean. In this case a heavy duty hand cleaner product may be more appropriate and there are a number of these on the market. Swarfega is one of the companies that produce this type of cleaner for hands. The Swarfega Heavy Duty Cleaner for Hands in a 4.5Ltr tub is an example of this and it costs around $16 to purchase. It is effective at removing ingrained dirt such as oil and grease and does this without drying out the skin. Other companies that produce heavy duty hand cleaners include Go-Jo and Lava with costs for their products ranging between around $5 and $25 dollars.

Whether you are looking to remove ingrained dirt or keep your hands germ free, there is a hand cleaner product that will suit. Most are affordably priced and will help to ensure that no matter how dirty your hands become you can easily and effectively clean them.