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French Milled Soap

A look at the many soap dispensers, hand soaps, and other antibacterial mechanisms.

There are many different types of soap products on the market these days and this can range from simple bars to more modern liquid soap. In times gone by bars of soap were the most common type and over the years processes were developed that were capable of manufacturing high quality products. French milled soap was generally considered one of the best types of soap available and this is still the case these days.

The production of soap by French milling has been used for hundreds of years. Originally developed in France, it is still widely used to this day by the manufacturers of high quality bars of soap. The process itself is fairly simple. When the base material for soap is made it is allowed to dry before it is formed into bars. As it dries it forms large uneven crystals which can be quite rough in texture. The base material is therefore run through steel rollers to turn it into a relatively smooth paste. To ensure high quality at least three sets of rollers, if not more, are used and because it originated in France the process of running the material through the rollers came to be known as French milling.

French milled soap is typically considered of a higher quality than standard soap. By running the base material through the steel rollers a number of times it helps to distribute the color and additives evenly throughout the soap material ensuring that each bar produced is of a uniform quality. The fine paste created by French milling also produces a smooth bar of soap which lathers easily to make a rich, luxuriant foam.

There are number of companies that manufacture high quality French milled soap with Mistral being one of these. They produce a range of soaps using Shea butter which is triple milled using the French milling process. Their bars of soap typically cost $8 to purchase although some of the newer lines they manufacture can cost up to $10 for a bar. They produce soap with many different scents with some of these including Winter Pine, Lavender Flower, Green Fig and Tropical Flowers to name a few.

Another manufacturer that produces high quality French milled soap is Gianna Rose Atelier. They have a range of soaps for sale many of which are produced using the French milling process. These are produced in decorative shapes with their vegetable based egg shaped soaps being an example. These cost $25 for six 1oz egg soaps in an Apothecary jar. They also have a French milled bar soap collection, with the soaps being available in a few different scents such as Gardenia & Jasmine and Orchid & Honeysuckle. These cost $8 to purchase.

Other companies that have French milled soap for sale include Pre de Provence and South of France Soaps. The cost for their soaps is typically in the $5 to $10 price range for a single bar.

If you want to use high quality, luxurious soap in your home then French milled soap is the choice to make. The French milling process ensures that the soap is of the best quality and the products available on the market both look good and have a fragrant smell.