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Foaming Hand Soap

A look at the many soap dispensers, hand soaps, and other antibacterial mechanisms.

One of the most common ways of cleansing is to use soap and while the traditional bar is still widely used to this day there are alternatives available. Liquid soap has been around for many years now and can be found in many private homes and public restrooms. One of the most effective ways of using this is with a foaming dispenser and foaming hand soap can be a good product to have available in your bathroom or kitchen.

Foaming hand soap is typically supplied in a specialized dispenser which mixes the liquid soap with air as it is dispensed and this creates a foam. As the soap is pre-lathered before reaching your hands it typically needs less water to clean your hands and this can be one of the benefits of using it. Another benefit is that it is easier to rinse off and this should typically mean there is less chance your hands will be left feeling sticky after cleaning them.

Since it is the specialized dispenser that creates the foam by infusing the soap with air, it is possible to create foaming hand soap with many different types of liquid soap. It is therefore relatively easy to use your own favorite liquid soap in a foaming soap dispenser when it needs to be refilled. The soap required in a foaming dispenser typically needs to be thinner than standard liquid soap and therefore generally one part soap to three parts water is the best mixture to use. The advantage of this is that the liquid soap should last longer which obviously helps to save money. As thinner soap is used the dispenser is also much less likely to clog up when used.

While standard liquid soap can be used in a foaming hand soap dispenser, it is also possible to use soap which has antibacterial properties which will more effectively kill germs on the hand and can be more hygienic. Scented soap is also a favorite of many people and there are few different options available for the liquid soap which can be used.

If you decide that foaming hand soap is something that you would like to try there are a couple of options for doing so. It is possible to buy a foaming soap dispenser which you can then fill with your own favorite liquid soap. An example of this is the Acrylic Foaming Soap Pump by RSVP. This costs $12 to purchase and comprises an acrylic bottle which has a stainless steel bottom. It has a 5oz capacity and can easily be filled with any liquid soap. Other companies that produce foaming soap pumps include Cuisipro and One Step Ahead.

However it is also possible to buy pre-filled foaming soap dispensers for washing your hands. Some of the manufacturers that produce these include GoJo and Dial. An example is the Foaming Hand Hypoallergenic Soap from Dial. This comes in a 7.5oz dispenser and costs around $8 to purchase. The soap is produced with a hypoallergenic formula making it effective at killing germs while being soothing to the skin.

If you are looking for a simple and cost effective manner in which to use soap in your bathroom or kitchen then foaming hand soap is an option to consider. The dispenser is easy to use and the foam will clean your hands well and leave them feeling fresh each time you use it.