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Bathroom Soap Dispenser

A look at the many soap dispensers, hand soaps, and other antibacterial mechanisms.

If you’re looking to add some great touches to your bathroom at home, the use of a bathroom soap dispenser can be one of those decorative pieces that adds a substantial subtle touch to the room.

Not only will it look great, but your bathroom soap dispenser will help to save you some money on soap refills over time.  Buying soap in bottles adds up to wasted money in the long haul, as refills of the same soap can be purchased for well less than half the price.  While it’s true that you can pour refills back into the original soap bottle, you might as well do it with a little style.

After all, this is your home we’re talking about and you likely want your bathroom to look as nice as it possibly can.  Considering the very reasonable cost of a new bathroom soap dispenser, you have every reason to consider buying one.

One of the first things you’ll want to decide when getting a bathroom soap dispenser is whether you want a wall mounted soap dispenser or a standalone soap dispenser. Let’s look into the details of each style.

While the wall mounted pump may require a bit of extra work to mount it, the presence of one in your bathroom offers both convenience and flair.  By getting a wall mounted bathroom soap dispenser to match up with the overall look and feel of your sink, shower, and more, the integrated look of the wall-based dispensers will really warm up your bathroom.

If you have a modern bathroom set, you may want to look at a stainless steel bathroom soap dispenser, as the brushed metal look may match nicely with your sink and shower.  Chrome wall mounted bathroom soap dispensers will be similar in look and feel as well, going nicely with the mirrors, your faucet, and more.

One highly regarded wall mounted soap dispenser in high end bathrooms is the Blomus duo polished wall-mounted soap dispenser.  This has a chrome finish, and it’s a great complement to a modern bathroom arrangement.  Owners of this dispenser love the design, and the way that it looks with their faucet.  Most notably, the price of $75 online is considered very reasonable when compared to other similar models.

If you’re not looking for something wall-mounted, you can easily go with something free standing.  Some people will appreciate the ease with which soap can be refilled in comparison, and the fact that less work is involved in setting these up.

One popular seller is the Simplehuman precision soap pump.  This bathroom soap dispenser has a very original look and feel.  While it’s chrome plated in the front, it’s acrylic in the back.  The soap dispenser is therefore transparent in some regard, which allows you to see how much is remaining, not to mention the fact that it looks really nice.

Owners seem to be really happy with this device, and its price tag of $19.99 should in no way turn you off if you’re interested in a sleek and creative bathroom soap dispenser.

These are just a few of the many that you’ll find, and like the rest of the bathroom soap dispensers out there, you’ll find that many are reasonably priced.  Go with the right combination of functionality and design and you’ll be well positioned to find a bathroom dispenser that you enjoy for years to come.