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Bath Oil Beads

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Many people enjoy the relaxing pleasure of having a bath. While soaking in a bathtub of just hot water can be enjoyable, there are a number of products that can be added to the water to enhance the experience. Bath oil beads are an example of this and these can be commonly found for sale these days.

Bath oil beads can also be known simply as bath beads and are typically a mixture of bath salts and oil which are produced as small individual pellets for adding to a bath. The beads will typically dissolve in the hot water to release the ingredients and these can include essential oils which can be beneficial for the skin and also a fragrance which can provide a relaxing aroma to enhance the pleasure of having a bath. The beads can also be produced as oil filled gel capsules, which when placed in hot water will melt to release the oil and fragrance the capsule contains.

While a small round or pellet shape is a common way in which bath oil beads are sold, they can also be found in a variety of other shapes. Hearts, flowers, butterflies and fruit are some of the options available, although shopping around some of the retailers that stock them will show you a number of decorative options for shapes. A variety of essential oils can be used to produce bath beads, with some of the common options available on the market including eucalyptus, rose, jasmine, coconut and lavender. This provides a variety of options to select a scent that you find pleasant.

There are a number of companies that have bath oil beads for sale with web retailers being a good place to look. The American Soap Company has a variety of bath beads available for sale and these come in a number of different shapes, colors and fragrances. Examples of the products they have available include golden sun vanilla beads, duck yellow jasmine beads and turtle green apple beads. They are sold individually with most of the beads costing around 28 cents.

Another internet retailer that has bath beads for sale is Body & Bath Plus. They have small bean shaped and round beads for sale and these are available in a variety of scents, with apple cinnamon, peach, sunflower and French vanilla being a few of the options. The cost will typically depend on the quantity purchased with a bag of 25 costing just over $8 and a bag of 80 costing around $19.50.

Other companies that have bath oil beads for sale include Go Planet Earth which has bean shaped beads available in decorative tubes and Gianna Rose Atelier which produces bath beads in the shape of bees.

If you are a fan of having hot baths, using bath oil beads can be a way to pamper your skin and enjoy some relaxing aroma therapy. The bath beads will dissolve in the water to release essential oils and pleasant scents and this can make having a bath a more pleasurable experience.