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Automatic Soap Dispenser

A look at the many soap dispensers, hand soaps, and other antibacterial mechanisms.

One of the most common ways for germs and bacteria to be spread around the home is by touch, especially by hand. It is therefore important to keep these clean and this is especially true in the bathroom or kitchen. Cleaning your hands after visiting the bathroom can reduce the chances of spreading germs and where food preparation is concerned in the kitchen, it is also important to make sure your hands are clean. One of the simplest methods of hand cleaning is an automatic soap dispenser and this can be a good addition to the bathrooms and kitchen in your home.

While bars of soap are an effective hand cleaner they can attract germs when used by a number of different people such that when you use it these are passed to your hands. A more effective way of cleaning your hands these days can be to use liquid soap and one of the best choices for using this is an automatic soap dispenser.

An automatic soap dispenser works by having a sensor in it when detects movement below the dispensing nozzle. When someone puts their hands below the nozzle the dispenser senses this and releases a set amount of liquid soap. The obvious advantage of this style of dispenser is that, unlike a manual dispenser where you have to press a button to get the soap, you do not need to physically touch an automatic dispenser. If a dispenser is in place for a long time there is a chance there will be some germ build up on it. However as you do not touch an automatic dispenser the germs cannot be transferred to your hand and this can make it a more hygienic dispenser to use.

Another benefit of an automatic soap dispenser is that it can cut down on waste. The amount of soap that comes out of a manual dispenser depends on how long the button is depressed, with the longer it is pressed the more soap that is dispensed. This means that many people can use more soap than they actually need. However an automatic dispenser releases an exact amount of soap every time. This can help to cut down on waste and make the soap last longer. This in turn can help to save money.

If you decide an automatic soap dispenser is the right device for your home there are a few companies that produce these. At the affordable end of the market Go-Jo produce a few good models with the Purell TFX Touch Free Dispenser being one of these. This costs around $14 to purchase and is a battery operated, automatic dispenser. Generally, affordable automatic soap dispensers are available in the $10 to $20 price range.

Companies that produce more expensive automatic dispensers of soap include Simplehuman and iTouchless. The price for their automatic soap dispensers are typically in the $40 to $50 price bracket. These tend to be more attractive in style and can provide a more decorative addition to a bathroom or kitchen.

Cleanliness in the home is an important issue to stop the spread of germs. Cleaning your hands after visiting the bathroom or when working in the kitchen can help with this. For the most hygienic experience, an automatic soap dispenser can be the best choice and this can be a good addition to any home.