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Antibacterial Hand Soap

A look at the many soap dispensers, hand soaps, and other antibacterial mechanisms.

Hand cleaning is important in terms of preventing the spread of dirt, bacteria and germs and is also beneficial for the general health of the person washing their hands. It is common for those that visit the bathroom to wash their hands and soap can also typically be found in many kitchens. A number of products have been developed for hand washing purposes, with antibacterial hand soap being one of the most common these days.

Soap is useful in cleaning hands in that it traps dirt and germs and makes these easier to remove from the hands. Antibacterial hand soap is different to standard soap in that it has an antibacterial additive that is designed to make it more effective at removing bacteria. Triclosan is a common antibacterial ingredient used in soap, with Triclocarbon being another. Hand soap with an antibacterial additive is most commonly a liquid, although there are some antibacterial soap bars on the market.

When using antibacterial soap for hands there are a few things to be aware of. It is generally considered that to be effective the antibacterial ingredient of the soap needs to be in contact with the hands for around 2 minutes. Hand washing should therefore be carried out for at least this time period to ensure the antibacterial ingredient has a chance to work. A number of studies have also shown that the prolonged use of antibacterial hand soaps can result in bacteria becoming resistant to it. It therefore pays not to overuse this type of soap and switching brands on a regular basis can be a way to help reduce the chances of bacteria developing resistance.

If you decide to use antibacterial hand soap in your home there are a number of manufacturers that produce it. Some of the common brand names include Dawn, Softsoap, Lysol and Dial. While in many cases liquid antibacterial soap is sold in a standard pump action bottle, some brands come supplied in hands, free no-touch dispensers.

Antibacterial hand soap can be found for sale at a number of locations. Drugstores are typically a good place to look and Walgreens has a range on offer which includes their own brand antibacterial soap, with this costing as little as $1 for a 7.5oz bottle. Other options include Softsoap Elements Antibacterial Soap for Hands with Light Moisturizers which costs around $2.50 for a 7.5oz bottle or the Lysol Healthy Touch Soothing Cucumber Splash Antibacterial No-Touch Hand Soap System which is more expensive at around $15.

Other retailers which have antibacterial hand soap available include Costco, Target and Sam’s Club and these stores have different products available with Lysol, Softsoap, Safeguard and Dial antibacterial soap for hands being some of these.

Hand cleaning is something that everyone has to do, especially following a visit to the bathroom or when working in the kitchen. It can help to stop the spread of dirt and bacteria and one of the more commonly available hand washing products these days is antibacterial hand soap. Used with care it is an effective soap that can be a useful addition to a home.